Mapz provides maps showing what's nearest to you. Over the years I've developed a series of maps I've found helpful and now provide these maps to other in case you find them handy as well. In most cases there's separate Desktop and mobile versions of maps.

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Nearest KFC Desktop Mobile
Nearest Hungry Jack's Desktop Mobile
Nearest McDonald's Desktop Mobile
Nearest Red Rooster Desktop Mobile
Nearest Petrol Station (BP) Desktop Mobile
Fun Date Ideas Desktop Mobile
Nearest Cinema Desktop Mobile
Coles Express Desktop Mobile
Drinking Fountains Melbourne Desktop Mobile
Melbourne Car Parks Desktop Mobile
Nearest Car Wash To Me Desktop Mobile
Seniors Card Vic Desktop Mobile
Bulk Billing Doctors Melbourne Desktop Mobile
Catch Up Coffee Desktop Mobile

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Mobile versus Desktop maps

Initially maps were developed in two versions. One version for desktop users and one version for mobile users. The mobile version assumes you're out and about and uses your current location to help location services and facilities near you. The Desktop version assumes you are using a Desktop computer which doesn't have an accurate location. As such maps usually provide more information. Whilst Desktop maps can be used on mobile devices and often contains very useful information, unfortunately their design may mean a less than desirable experience on a mobile device.

You would think for many of the businesses I've created maps you could simply go to the site for the business and use their website to find the location of their nearest outlet. In theory this should be true. In practice I've found many businesses sites have a poor experience for me, and in some cases, their site has not even been usable on a mobile device. Over time that may change but rather than wait, I decided to create maps for products and services that interested me.

Nearest KFC

Designed to help find the nearby KFC outlets near your current location.

Nearest Hungry Jack's

Designed to help find the nearby Hungry Jack's outlets near your current location.

Nearest McDonald's

Designed to help find the nearby McDonald's outlets near your current location.

Nearest Red Rooster

Designed to help find the nearby Red Rooster outlets near your current location.

Nearest Petrol Station (BP)

Designed to help find the nearest BP Petrol Station near your current location. This map was an early project and later I created sites for Melbourne and Sydney petrol stations which can be found at and respectively.

Fun Date Ideas

Fun Date Ideas is a site the provides young people with dating ideas. The maps provide show the location of places they've reviewed so you can more easily find a place near you for your first date.

Nearest Cinema

We frequently go to the cinemas and often want to know if the Village or Hoyts is closer. Before I created the maps I knew the locations around me, but certainly didn't know the closest Hoyts or Village. To me they were just cinemas.

Coles Express

At one stage we only used Shell Petrol Stations. Coles took over most of the Shell Petrol Station so they're now Coles Express. As Coles Express often have the highest price in our area we use them far less frequently.

Drinking Fountains Melbourne

Found an interesting data set of the drinking fountains around Melbourne. As I was cycling more I felt knowing the location of drinking fountains may come in handy.

Melbourne Car Parks

Finding a car park in Melbourne is getting harder and on street parking is becoming quite dear. By creating a map of the car parks I was able to more quickly check out the car parks and pricing. Not looking good in terms of pricing.

Nearest Car Wash To Me

I noticed a number of Car Wash location around me and thought it would be interesting to start documenting the locations.

Seniors Card Vic

Yes I reached 60 so get rewarded with a Seniors Card. There's businesses around us that offer discounts. Some good, some a waste of time. Whether this map continues is hard to say.

Nearest Train Station

Often when dropping off or picking up family from public transport it's good to know the nearest train station. So handy when you're the family chaffeur. I thought I'd extend the map with tram and Vline trains.

Bulk Billing Doctors Melbourne

Bulk billing doctors who truly bulk bill all patients are quite hard to find. I decided I'd document those I find

Catch Up Coffee

At one stage I was quite into networking with others and found catching up with others over coffee was a great way to meet other like-minded business people. I put out a request to the people in the Facebook group to share their favourite cafes for catching up.

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